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Who or what is REALBOTS?

REALBOTS is a Commercial Bot Service Provider Laboratory located in Secondlife. We provide Scripted Agents (bots) for all your business and personal needs!
Our most important asset is our customers' success and we do everything needed to keep our assets high-vibe! With more features than you can shake a stick at, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better solution! Our add-on packages include full-featured web servers, custom email servers and mailboxes for your units, beautifully-designed web profiles and interfaces, and 24-hour support channels to ensure you get the service quality you deserve!

Why choose REALBOTS?

Our staff is fully trained, qualified and certified for their role at the store and we maintain a positive atmosphere, productive communications and meaningful interactions with our valued customers.

RealBots provides hyper-realistic interactions between our bots and our clients. Why settle for a bot when you can use a REALBOTS bot?! We also update our bot software frequently and regularly, so that your unit is always up-to-date, secure and as fresh as Spring!

Whether you need to automate group management tasks, get a handle on land security, display the latest and greatest in your place of business, or something else entirely, we've got you covered!
Choose from our various add-ons and plugins and get the most juice out of your REALBOTS units!

Need a web server for your REALBOTS interactions? a database?? an email server???? something totally different and unlisted? Chat us up! We're ready to bring you custom, guaranteed solutions to your problems and address all of your concerns.
At REALBOTS, YOUR business os OUR business!

From body shape to inventory to outift items, as a REALBOTS customer, you are in full control of how your unit will appear and what it will have in its inventory. Our technology allows customers to fully customize the look and feel of each unit to their exact requirements and our add-on packages provide even more control, such as being able to rez inventory or purchase new items directy from any store in SL and have the unit either rez or wear the items!

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